Monday, November 19, 2007


Last week's Mastering Projects Workshop was, once again, magical! What started as a group of strangers rapidly coalesced into a community of interest. When we finished we were walking on a cloud, finishing each others' sentences, and, the best thing of all, had reached our collective objective and each of our individual objectives for the journey.

For more about how the week progressed, check out the Mastering Project Work Yahoo group at A short registration is required to take a peek at our remarkable, brief journey together. And, honestly, as much as we try to explain, and as hard as you look and try to understand, as with all magic, if you weren't there, you may never be able to understand.

Have you ever engaged on a project that turned magical? If so, you'll be able to relate and fondly reflect on that certain something that happened together. And you'll understand that feeling of magic.

How can you make magic happen on every project and initiative you engage with? How can you turn your difficult assignment into something remarkable? How can you take a disparate group of strangers (who may have worked together for years) and transform them into a real community in only three short days?

Drop us a note and find out how you can learn the secrets of how to bring the magic alive for you and your organization!