Thursday, September 27, 2007

Human Centered Project Design

Last week at Stanford we again saw the subtle and pervasive impact of shifting the metaphor for our collective efforts from mechanical / industrial to living / human systems. We pose the fundamental question:

Are we pesky humans infesting a machine-like organization
or are we humans working (and thriving) within living organizations
that use mechanical support for our generative, creative, and productive efforts?

This cuts to the core of True North's distinctive difference. And what a difference it makes!

If you are interested in learning how this shift in perspective can infect every project you touch, we invite you to join us this fall in Spokane and Portland.

Human Centered Project Design

Portland, OR November 13-15, 2007 (Sign up by October 15)

Are you getting the best from the human elements of your project?

Join the hundreds of project managers that have learned the True North secret to tapping the human elements of their projects - aligned expectations, successful communication, political support, and real motivation - to deliver exceptional results with greater engagement, confidence, and satisfaction.

Designed from best practices of innovation-oriented projects, Mastering Projects amplifies the effectiveness of any development or project management method. Learn why Nike's product developers, the New York Stock Exchange's system developers, and Los Alamos National Laboratory's research scientists all agree that Mastering Projects delivers more capability with the essential people-side of leading initiatives.

In just three days learn to:
  • Design stronger, more flexible project structures
  • Use organizational politics to your project's advantage
  • Refocus energy and action within shifting goals and pressing urgencies
  • Maintain the engagement, motivation, and confidence of your team, your sponsors, and your customers.
Learn how to leverage the people issues that make or break project success.

Sign up today!

Interested in what the human perspective of the Mastering Projects Approach could do for your organization and your projects? Call us and discover how to design breakthrough results into every project and key initiative. For special team discounts or to bring True North's Human Centered Design on-site, email us or call 509.527.9773.

True North pgs, Inc. is a pioneer in applying leading edge dynamic human systems theory and practice to the organizational problems of innovation and projects. True North helps organizations realize breakthrough results from projects and initiatives by designing and leading more satisfying, more engaging, and more innovative efforts.

True North principals, David Schmaltz and Amy Schwab bring over fifty years of practical, hands-on project experience and over twenty-five years of work with dynamic human system theory and practice. Whether assessing a struggling initiative, facilitating a project start-up, or preparing sponsors, leaders, and teams for challenges beyond any they've experienced in the past, Amy and David deliver rapid results. Amy and David have personally helped transform difficult, complex, and very human projects including ERP implementation, business process reengineering, fast time to market product development, information systems and technology, research and development, and organizational development.

Learn how your organization can benefit from the True North difference today.

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